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Santa Fe Getting a Facelift in South Korea

Hyundai obtained a refreshed look just several years ago within the current generation model releasing, but this year the Santa Fe crossover debuted with an updated facelift at the South Korean automotive market.

For the Korean buyers, a refreshed Santa Fe gets an enriched hi-tech interior and exterior options. The model looks visually more catching, with a three-bar redesigned grille, remounted LED lights, new wide alloy wheels, sharper headlights and revised taillights as well as the rear bumper. In addition, the option of Dynamic Banding, all-new xenon headlamps and high beam assistance have been incorporated in this premium SUV. More aggressive, would you agree?

A new top quality facelifted SUV offers new trim levels, with all the interior details worked properly. Apart from this, Santa Fe features advanced emergency braking system, improved cruise control and a new top-notch surround sound system to provide a flamboyant effect. The dashboard has been changed preciously little.  Under the hood, the new Santa Fe offers the same engine variants of 2.2-liter and 2.0-liter diesel ones respectively. Aimed to lower CO2 emission and boost the mileage key results, the car maker has improved the engine, offering the automatic transmission coupled with all-wheel-drive or the 6-speed manual transmission optionally. Stay tuned for our latest updates to know more about this facelifted Hyundai model!