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Peugeot Unveiled Its Latest Futuristic Instinct Concept

There are four different driving modes and smart touch screens in the i-Cockpit, along with a pair of eye-popping exterior design ideas including linear patterns. Not to mention, you can connect the Net via Samsung Artik IoT Cloud when working. The French carmaker presented its own vision of an autonomous driving future at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, with unveiling its latest breathtaking concept. Dubbed the Instinct, the urban concept looks wildly whimsical combining sharp angles with soft curves in terms of its exterior.

“That’s why we didn’t create something that looks like a UFO”, says Matthias Hossann, Head of Concept Cars & Advanced Design, Peugeot. The concept certainly gives a futuristic but thoughtfully smart look, being a self-driving vehicle at its heart. The Instinct offers two active driving modes, Drive Relax and Drive Boost, along with two self-driving ones, Autonomous Sharp or Soft. Depending on the mode chosen, such options as light, sound or even mesh seats can be adapted.  The Instinct will face its official debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show this month.