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New generation Mitsubishi L200 there

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has unveiled a new generation of pickups in Geneva, showcasing a 2015 Mitsubishi L200 there. The Japanese SUV appeared as a European new-looked version of all new Triton pickup model.

Mitsubishi L200 2015 pickup features much improvement in its driving functions. A massive bumper with integrated fog lights and a very aggressive grille with wide slots make the model look like an outstanding sport utility reliable truck, with the safe  system of rate stability and traction control. In common words, the general pickup shape becomes sportier and sleeker.

The manufacturers claim L200 to feature all-terrain performance; the diesel pickup version gets a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine working together with six-speed manual transmission and emitting just 169gpkm of CO2 and producing an output with 178hp as well as 430Mn of torque. The Mitsubishi model is fitted with 4WD system selected paired with four different driving modes. Besides that, the car maker claims the chassis frame to be more torsionally rigid, and the fuel efficiency increased compared to the previous versions.

As for the interior, one can notice an improved quality cabin with air conditioning, cruise control, broadcasting radio sound system and much more details to provide a comfort ride.