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The More Mini Changes, the More It Stays the Same

As you may know, MINI promises hitting the automotive market with a new-gen Countryman crossover. However, it seems the company put it into long storage. That is why we could delight the MINI Countryman, a Park Lane special edition at 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The manufacturer was actuated by keeping experts’ interest alive rather than a radically new design technology or engineering. One way or another, the Park Lane came to the market this summer.

In 1987, MINI released the classical Park Lane Series; the series name was referred to one of the most famous British central districts as well as the main traffic artery. So the company claimed the 2015 Countryman Park Lane to be its third compact successor in the lineup as any fresh idea is a well-forgotten old one, in fact. Some featured goodies coming together with a sophisticated exterior and a refined interior design make this Geneva special guest so bright and worth-noting.

The first striking thing you may notice is the paint job for this compact crossover. The bright accents (as body stripes) and a roof are finished in a bold Oak Red brand paint bursting upon the eye. Whereas, in contrast, the body is painted up in a casual, functional Earl Grey color. As a matter of fact, the designers had an almost genius idea about choosing your own exterior with a wide diversity of badges, paints or stripes via the configurator.

The 2015 Park Lane re-launch got AWD All4 system combining with four power units; the last deliver up to 144hp and 105 kW. The interior is made up in dark grey mainly featuring a wide array of useful options. There are the Sport Button, soft floor mats, an automatic system of air conditioning, a sensor system of light and rain control, a multifunctional Sports steering wheel available.