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Magnussen Confirmed, RS16 Sport Bolid Revealed!

Renault seems fully ready for 2016 Formula One Championship to appear. Today, the French automaker reveals its all-new Sports RS16 in deep black and bumblebee livery. In two weeks, the new model is expected to get test racing on Barcelona tracks.

The Renault Sport Division has been hugely restructured, and the forthcoming campaign starts with the impressive new bolid as a result of a refreshed team. A shining-new racing strategy shapes Renault Sport M plan, with two bright pillars, namely RS Racing and RS Cars. The first, RS Racing, is aimed to kick start performance activity, dealing with the newly-rebranded RS team for Formula One. Kevin Magnussen leads the team this year, as a follower-on of Maldonado. The team will consist of Magnussen, Jolyon Palmer long with Esteban Ocon. Renault claims also Bob Bell as the Chief technical Officer to come back. As for the second pillar, RS Cars, it focuses on promoting hot hatches by Renault, like the road-going Clio RS or Megane GT. 

The RS16 Sport is now dressed black livery, though, Jerome Stoll, the RS Chief, leaves open the possible alterations ahead of the 2016 Melbourne Grand Prix. Total, EMC, Microsoft as well as Infiniti logos are featured there.