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The Koenigsegg Agera Key Fob Costs More Than the Aston Martin Rapide!

If you would had $250,000, what a car would you like to buy? What about a mind-blowing LP 610-4 Huracan by Lambo? An elegant & refined 458 Italia by Ferrari? The Bentley Flying Spur V8, at all? Who, for God’s sake, would like to opt for just a car KEY? Koenigsegg’s wealthy (TOO wealthy) buyers, would be the right answer.

Actually, we understand the buyers of supercars are usually insanely wealthy to buy a car which costs about $1-2 million, keep the change, you see. Crazy money cause crazy extra options in such bargain. What do you think about a custom-crafted key fob for Koenigsegg Agera which itself costs $250,000? A bit TOO thick, isn’t it?
This ritzy item is made from platinum and black onyx inlays mounted in. The key is fancily decorated with 40 carats of finest diamonds to appear more like some jewelry art piece than a utility item. Optimal Innovative Solutions, a company well-known for its diamond makes for Rolls Royce, designed this one-off key proto special for Koenigsegg. No official price details are revealed, but the tag is initially estimated around $250,000.