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Jaguar E-Pace Sets World Craziest Barrel Roll Record

The latest model year vehicles typically make their debuts at the auto shows or circuits. Not so Jaguar does considering this round-up routine to be a bit nerdy and bloody snooze. Why not to set one or two Guinness World records instead?

At the unveiling of the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace, this mind-blowing entry-level crossover SUV has broken the barrel roll record making a 270-degree twist and completing a 15.3-meter-long jump. The record-breaking stunt is considered to be the “furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle”. Driven by Terry Grant, a 21-Guinness World Records-holder and professional stunt driver, the compact crossover spanned a 50-feet leap to perform a corkscrew-like spin at ExCel Center in London. The driver experienced bone-rattling 5.5G of force while flipping the performance SUV through the air. Meet the result, another incredible world record title, at the video.