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1951 Ferrari 340 America #1

Final Countdown: Carlex Tunes Ferrari Spider!

Despite the fact the 458 Ferrari Spider being discontinued, the high-rev concept still gets on to be enthusiastically chosen for tuning design experience. Carlex Design unveiled the final version of the 458 Spider after a series of alterations aiming to create a veritably unique vehicle. The result is really heart-stopping!

If you refer to the original open-top supercar, it featured a standard leathered interior finished in deep black, with bright iconic yellow logos imbedded into the headrests and the contrast stitching, yellow too.

The deep red interior was planned; however, the initial design team’s sketches have undergone some significant transformation after a while. The final hue became brighter and bolder to highlight the unique model customization.

The inner decorative inlays like the hand-painted logo on the steering wheel have been finished in satin black; the background has been also discolored. Instead of all-black, it has been performed in a red-on-black palette. As a result, the whole interior appears more aggressive and vibrant.