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The Exclusive Agera RSR to Debut in Japan, All Are Sold Out

Koenigsegg proudly announced its exclusive Agera RSR series in Tokyo. This unique “scoop” debuted in Japan on September 5, in limited edition series in three examples for local Japanese market only. Check out these photos ‘cause all 3 units have been even sold for Japanese enthusiasts and will be delivered soon to its owners.

Boasting the 1160-hp Koenigsegg RS platform at its heart, the three RSRs complete a part of the 25-vehicle similarly-named series. The high-end models feature extremely exclusive aerodynamics with the roof scoop, a bigger than a standard One:1 top-mounted rear wing to improve handling along with downforce. According to the Koenigsegg’ press release, each of the three one-off vehicles stand out for its boutique exterior & interior paint scheme as well as custom designed styling tailored to the clientele’s tastes.