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Elon Musk Confirmed the Model X Configurator

Elon Musk, the brilliant technology leader, confirmed in his Tweeter yesterday that the Tesla Model X configurator would be on since this Monday. Though the tweet disappeared later, Tesla CEO confirmed the positive message again with a short “yes” answer. The Model X SUV configurator will be available to every non-reservation holder starting on Monday, April 11, so one could check out all the get-at-able options (like a spoiler or sound system) varying from $80k to $150k. Actually, it is all-absorbing, it excites a lot and it’s free.

Sure, the first all-electric Tesla SUV isn’t expected to be a “budget choice”, it is likely a pricey purchase. The carmaker actually offers the base model for $80,000; the fully loaded SUV will be available for eye-watering $150,000. However, the Model X configurator offered is aimed to allow customers to play with all the individually tuned options. First of all, to get a certain idea of how it works the carmaker shares several exciting videos. Playing with the online service program, a customer could decide what a model configured he would like to opt for and what a price it is going to up.