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Checking Out Some Retro Luxury with All-New 2017 Lincoln Continental at Detroit Motor Show

Exhibiting the interior and showcasing the driving experience with the 2017 Lincoln Continental - in this highbrow manner Lincoln released the production version of its all-new elegant full-size sedan.  The return of the company’s flagship comes under the slogan of “delivering quiet luxury to the customers”.

Well, as for luxury, huge credits to the Americans – the model is overstuffed with luxury features like warm illuminating the cabin, adjustable power seats (hey, they can be adjusted in more than 30 different ways, that’s a big thick!) with massage function, along with pop-opened doors and a panoramic glass sunroof. The whole interior is settled in a highly intellectual, ergonomic manner with high-end natural materials like genuine wood and leather as well as original stitching design to deliver drivers as much comfort as it could be possible.

However, one can’t fail to notice that the Lincoln press release is mainly focused on the luxurious interior rather than technical specifications. The twin-turbocharged model is said to be powered from a 3.0-litre V6 power unit producing 400hp and reaching the top speed of 155mph (the latter seems to be an estimated number). Detroit debutant is expected to go on sale in this fall; moreover, Lincoln has not still unveiled the pricing details – we wonder how much the Cadillac’s rival would cost (the pricing tag is rumored to reach $75 000). 2017 Lincoln sedan represents an iconic brand along with a legendary nameplate, but would it be enough to meet the current competition? Only time and sales will tell.