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BMW Announces a Restyled i3 Bimmer by 2018 to Release

If you are curious enough to check automotive EV news, there’s a piece of news for you. The German manufacturer is expected to release its facelifted i3 model by 2018. Codenamed the i3S, it is reportedly battery- powered hot-hatch model featuring some smart styling alterations as well as high-potential tech enhancements.

The Bavarian EV prototype is scheduled to be released at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show next fall, alongside with a sportier version. The new i3 family member will supposedly feature a new infotainment, a wider choice of exterior colors, refreshed headlights and bumpers, not to mention a highly anticipated single charge range to be expanded. However, you should minimize your expectations on splitting performance. The current i3 offers 168 horsepower accelerating from 0 to 60 in about 7 seconds. See for the September’s i3S debut to jump along with the first sales (the latter is supposed to hit UK dealers in early 2018).