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Per Aspera – to Upgraded Astra

Featuring on a completely new lightweight architecture basis, the new Opel Astra is equipped with the latest generation of engine and offers such technical solutions which were previously available for the top-notch vehicles only. Astra, debuted at the Frankfurt IAA in September 2015, provides an improved performance and ultimate comfort for its passengers.

What could German Opel suggest via this upgraded model? It comes to providing a higher safety level thanks to new-gen Opel Eye system; stellar Side Blind Spot Alert warning systems. Other driver assistance systems include the Traffic Sign Assistant and Lane Departure Lane Keep Assist systems, for best recognition of road signs, adaptive Following Distance Indication which works as a distance pointer to the vehicle ahead; there are also Forward Collision Alert with automatic Collision Imminent Braking systems.

A wide range of comfort features adds credits to the model – there are premium-class large ergonomic back-friendly seats to deliver seating comfort when driving a long-distance travel. Luxurious individual rear seats provide more space for the passenger’s legs.

Actually, Opel took some time to boast some latest innovations from the upper-class segment to the compact one. However, a family car provides now an affordable level of driving safety and interior comfort to its owners as well as reducing any possible injuries.