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2007 Toyota Corolla #1

On Their Shoulders 2016 Nissan Titan Built

The smart promotional strategy targets the most significant annual sports events, it’s a common practice. This short innovative “Shoulders of Giants” video was shot to be aired during the Super Bowl on February, 7th. However, the Nissan marketing campaign leaders choose another unforgettable way, and the lot came to this year’ Alabama vs. Clemson countering during the 2016 College Football Playoff. A newly-created 90-second “Shoulders of Giants” commercial features the all-fresh 2016 Nissan Titan XD displaying common children along with their idols – parents, famous athletes or couches, firefighters as well. The ad touchingly pays respects to “those who go before us” and tributes the most iconic historic pickup trucks like Blue Oval, Dodge and Chevy. The principal role of these classic pickup brands could hardly be argued: the ad features the illustrious 1995 Ford F-150, the topline 1985 Dodge W250 as well as the stellar 1970 C10 by Chevrolet.