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Rolls Royce Ghost Series II Reviewed In Rap

The common car review may seem a bit tedious and even overwhelming if dealing with tons of narration inside. We do not normally get thrilled to see broadsheet reviews; instead, we do prefer other variants as seeing once is better than reading twice. Rory Reid, a freshly chosen Top Gear team host, evidently shares this point of view.

Reid is mostly known for his automotive Recombu reviews along with its talented footages for television. His works remarkably stand out against the standard reviews in a commonly understandable general format; he is rather a straight shooter to describe all pros and contras plainly. Every Reid’s awesome review, from Peugeot 308 GTI to a Bentley Continental GT Speed, is definitely of special interest to look through it. But when he dealt with Rolls Royce Ghost, he reviewed it in spoken rap style, revealing all his feeling about this ultra-luxury vehicle.