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2017 Super Bowl Car Commercials: Meet the Best!

The Sunday’s night is over; the final whistle hit the airwaves. Julian Edelman made the craziest catch in all over the Super Bowl history; Lady Gaga ended the halftime performance – and the New England Patriots are the champions of the greatest Super Bowl ever having beaten the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime. Just in case if you have been on this side of the pond.
“The night of surprises”, we can call this night, and it is also correct for those big-budget automotive spots aired during the Super Bowl. Which ones were the smartest, the funniest, the most emotional and memorable? Meet out best round-up here:

10.  Honda promoting its all-new CR-V
Progress matters, they say. In its “Yearbooks” promo, Honda explains what the most awesome things can happen when your dream comes true (yeap, with the CR-V, surely). The retro-style ad features a definitely all-celebs cast (or, rather, their yearbook versions) including Robert Redford, Magic Johnson, Amy Adams and Viola Davis tagging “The Power of Dreams” slogan. Well than, now you know how school-time Steve Carell looked like.

9. “Go Further” with Ford
The ad is all about getting un-stuck; no wonder if dealing with a “mobility” company. This time, a specific car remains outside the camera’s view. The main focus is on modern (rather, self-driving) technology to rule the road. Ford chooses no one than Bryan Cranston to narrate such a reflective story promoting “Go Further” idea. Go further, experience the challenge and fix the problem. Ford can so you can it too. Just a veiled hint, well.

8. Toyota going places with “The Daisy”
Selling an eco-friendly car appears to be the most important marketing goal now. Starring the main role, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen-fuel vehicle encapsulates a mix of technology and nature. Water is the only emission, Toyota claims. It’s totally awesome, it uses renewable fuel and it is surely environmentally friendly. A bit expensive? Well, saving the Earth is worth it.

7. #DriveProgress with Audi
The Four-Ring Company stakes on equal rights tackling gender inequality in the world that is changing. How to explain to your little daughter why men are valued more than women?  You should focus on equal rights and equal pays in the workplace, always. Buy her a S5 Sportback, at less.

6. “Experience Amazing” with Lexus
A winning approach means a talented dancer (here’s Charles “Lil Buck” Riley) adding a heart-touching music track (here’s “Move Your Body” by Sia) and a luxury car (meet the new 2017 Lexus LC 500 Coupe). Done, enjoy the “Man and Machine” result by an experienced director Jonas Åkerlund.

5. Buick or “That’s Not a Buick”
Starring Miranda Kerr, a supermodel, and Cam Newton, a quarterback, the Buick ad revolves around the Big Game theme, kids’ football this time. Some crowd cheering, encouraging words and “That’s Not a Buick” idea make a warm, emotional ad this way. Nice play, Buick.

4. Kia and “Hero’s Journey”
The same “Saving the planet” (oh, rather, thread-bare) idea, but what a brilliant visualization! Starring talented Melissa McCarthy, the ad explains us how hard is to live in eco-style along with to do bit for the environment. Luckily, there is the new Kia Niro hybrid to use.

3. Mercedes-Benz with “Easy Driver”
Mercedes surely finishes up in the third place getting a bronze with an AMG GT roadster. Featuring the Coen brothers and Peter Fonda, the ad pays tribute to the world-famous movie by Fonda, “Easy Rider”. It’s cool, it’s nostalgic and it’s perfectly done. “Born to Be Wild” deserves special thanks. Worth seeing, without a question.

2. Choose one with Alfa Romeo
Actually, there are other tags in the Alfa Romeo ads. The Italian luxury carmaker rolls out three commercials this year; they include “Riding Dragons”, “Dear Predictable” and “Mozzafiato”. Which one you will like the most? Escaping the routing? Flying a car like riding a dragon? Exploring exotic experiences? It just takes the breath away – and giving it back, with a new Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Hyundai takes the biscuit this year. Instead of creating another smart spot, the carmaker has chosen the way of breaking moulds. The Hyundai’s heart-piercing commercial was shot and edited during the Big Game revolving around the “bringing home to them who can’t watch this game at home” idea. American troops based in Poland are allowed to enjoy the Super Bowl via satellite along with their family members. Most memorable ad ever.